Of plantains & goat meat

It's been raining non-stop for the past few days. I'm irritable and yearning for comfort food. A plate of fried plantain would really hit the spot.Unfortunately, I've run out of stock of my frozen seasoned plantain.Life here is such that whenever I come across a bounty of plantain, I need to save a … Continue reading

Random sorrowness of life

I have previously blogged my growing dissatisfaction with my life as it is here, here, and here. It all started here. This year has been an intensive exercise in attitude adjustment. It's been a real struggle to stay positive. In any case, I want to talk about physicians today. I'm truly … Continue reading

24 hours in Pittsburgh

Headquarters of Heinz (click for museum) Given a rare synchrony of our work schedules, a few of us single lady physicians decided to head out to the big city...Pittsburgh, to be exact (sarcasm is all mine) on a day off. We arrived into town just at the end of the work week and commented first … Continue reading

Recuperating in Boston

Afternoon Tea @ the Taj The last several months have not been going according to schedule at all. There was supposed to be a light at the end of the tunnel - a blueprint of sorts for the grand escape and so far all I have is disappointment. To make matters worse, the work-place is hmmm. Yeah, … Continue reading